Friday, 3 March 2017

Planning for 2017 -2018

Yes, it's only March, but the process of planning for the future of the Guild has begun.

In order to have a smooth running transition to a new Executive planning begins early.
Over the next three months a Nominating Committee will be first contacting all current members of the Executive and volunteers to ask if they would like to continue for another year.   After that is completed, the Nominating Committee will be looking for people who will be willing to step forward for any vacant positions.
Short job descriptions posted on the Blog, under the tab, "Constitution"  are written to take the mystery out of what each member of the Executive does, and all the volunteers.
Helping to run the Guild is a great way to meet new people, and learn more about the quilting community.  Please consider volunteering for a position when contacted by someone from the Nominating Committee.
Thanks, Pat Kiteley